BRUGES TRIENNIAL 2021: between dream and reality

Bruges triennial again shows itself in its best light with the new theme: TraumA. From May 8th till September 26th 2021 the inner city will once more be the scenery for contemporary art and architecture.

  • Surroundings: the inner city of Bruges
  • Focus on: new in 2021, architecture, contemporary, art
  • Target audience: families, men – and - women on the go, friends among each other, business relations
Duration2 Hours
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Participants1 guide for 1-20 visitors – 2 guides for 21-40 visitors – 3 guides for 41-60 visitors (the allowed number of visitors per guide will depend on the Covid restrictions in place the date of the visit)
Important information

Our guide will be present at the starting place (Jan van Eyckplein (near the statue of Jan van Eyck)) 10 minutes before departure. Look for the silvery Hello Bruges badge. For an other starting place please contact Other languages available on request. For more information please consult our website

Further information

Bruges Triennial 2021: TraumA balances between the present and the hidden. TraumA responds to the imagination, to the pomp and splendour as well as to the ‘unheimliche’, present just below the surface. Although to lots of people Bruges seems to be a dream destination, there is unmistakably a slumbering aspect of poverty, loneliness, pollution and fear in this picture-perfect world. TraumA reveals these less attractive aspects of the city and allows them to become part of the image.Our guide takes you on a tour alongside a route with installations of both national and international artists, to places navigating between delusion and reality, between private and public, between dream and nightmare. Invisible layers emerge and stories long forgotten are discussed.

Highlights: • Artists: Amanda Browder | Nadia Kaabi-Linke | Jon Lott | Joanna Malinowska & C.T. Jasper | Nadia Naveau | Nnenna Okore | Henrique Oliveira | Hans Op de Beeck | Laura Splan | Gijs Van Vaerenbergh | Adrián Villar Rojas | Héctor Zamora

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