TraumA - Triennal Bruges 2021

TraumA explores the fine line between Dream - Traum - and Trauma. It responds to the pomp and circumstances, but also to the uncanny that is present underground. Although Bruges seems to be a dream destination to many, poverty, loneliness and pollution also are dormant in this picture-perfect world.

  • A trail of sculptural, architectural, and organic creations
  • What is going on behind those stately facades, how is this medieval city really living?
  • A polyphonic story
Duration2 Hours
Bring along

Mensen met een visuele beperking moeten naast hun mondmasker ook handgel en handschoenen voorzien (bepaalde werken kunnen betast worden).

Further information

With admiration and amazement, the visitor sees the picturesque Bruges buildings that radiate history, as it were, from every pore of their stones. Bruges is a dream destination for him. Then why TraumA? The trauma of the exhibition refers to the less visible side of Bruges behind those medieval facades: loneliness, poverty, pollution, fear. The word 'TraumA' also contains the word "Traum": the dream, the image of a city approaching perfection. But this word also contains the word "Raum": the space, but also the room. The visible open space versus the hidden private space. Squares, streets and parks versus rooms and gardens. A space in which artists and architects can explore both the stage and the dusty wings and question the hidden dimensions of society, portraying duality and stimulating our imagination and senses.

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